Cardiac OPD Clinic

After a search lasting a few years, we had finally found a facility to associate with. JMJ Hospital in Alto Porvorim, Bardez, Goa shared our vision, and was compatible with GAHF, and our mission.

We successfully established a Cardiac Outpatient Diagnostic Clinic to provide affordable cardiac care. This was made possible by a large donation from Dr. Daniel Neville Mascarenhas, interventional cardiologist, and due to the successful fundraising efforts of GAHF Inc. and the generous donations from Goans and well-wishers. The clinic was formally inaugurated on May 12, 2009.

We were housed in two rooms provided by the Archdiocese of Goa and the sisters of JMJ Hospital. We remain very grateful to the Archdiocese of Goa and the JMJ nuns for supporting us in our venture. The Archdiocese planned to complete the long awaited demolition of the old clergy home, and construct a new building for the retired priests on site. We needed to vacate the premises, so that the demolition of the old building, and construction of the new clergy home could proceed. Dr. Mascarenhas, and Cesar and Mimi Menezes of the Menezes Polyclinic at Altinho, Panaji, met and as a result, Cesar Menezes offered rooms at the Polyclinic that we could use for relocation of the clinic from JMJ Hospital. Through the kind gesture of Cesar and Mimi Menezes, we now have a new home for our GAHFT clinic. It is a perfect fit for us, and one that will be mutually beneficial for both the GAHFT clinic and the Menezes Polyclinic.

The Cardiac Clinic is a facility with state-of-the-art equipment. It provides stress testing, echocardiography, and necessary basic testing facilities for non-invasive cardiac diagnosis. GAHFT has launched a program to educate people of all ages about vulnerability to heart disease and the need for preventive care such as the importance of diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Ana Karina Jacques M.D., a certified cardiologist, provides a cardiac consultant role and Dr. Peter Carvalho, M.B.B.S. is responsible for managing the clinic.

The next step in our evolution was the perceived need to have a state of the art ICU for the admission, monitoring and stabilization of unstable cardiac patients. After a very successful campaign to solicit donations, we purchased state-of-the-art equipment and updated the ICU at the CMM Polyclinic. We have the funds to expand to a 2 or even 3 bed ICU in the future, should the need arise.

The ICU was inaugurated on November 30, 2015 by Dr. Shyam Bhandare and is fully operational. It has all the facilities in case of emergencies, which our clinic as well as the hospital can now avail of. The ICU has been named in honor of Dr. Joao Manuel Pacheco De Figueiredo who was the First Dean of the Goa Medical College. His family made a substantial donation to GAHFT.

Pictures of the inauguration of the ICU:

The donor recognition board was installed in early 2015 and has been attached to the ICU wall. The board displays the names of donors that have donated $3,000 (Rs.150,000) and above with varying amounts placed in four categories. In some cases, the donors have chosen to memorialize their loved ones. All donors are welcome to visit the cardiac clinic. In order to facilitate the visit, please contact Ms. Julia Monteiro at the clinic at 832 242 2893. We are very grateful for the generous donations that have made this project possible.

Dr. Mascarenhas sees patients biannually at the clinic. Also, endocrinologist Dr. Maria Gomes (Shawnee Mission Medical Center) and other cardiologists Dr. Theodore Abraham and his wife Dr. Roselle Abraham, both from John Hopkins University School of Medicine, Dr. Yash Lokhandwala (Holy Family Hospital Mumbai) and Dr.Krishnakant Raiker Interventional Cardiologist in Indiana, continue to see patients at the clinic when they are in Goa.

The Cardiac Clinic is something that we can point to with pride and a deep sense of fulfillment. Our reward is the healthy lives of the people this Clinic serves. Since the opening of the clinic in mid-April 2009 until December 31, 2018 the following are the patient statistics:

  1. Patient visits - 13,808
  2. Free consultations at the clinic - 1,263
  3. Free echos - 315
  4. Partially subsidized echos - 527
  5. Partially subsidized TMT (Treadmill test) - 64
  6. Free TMT - 9
  7. Partially subsidized Holter monitoring (continuous recording of patients EKG) - 152
  8. Free Holter monitoring - 14
  9. Free ambulatory blood pressure - 46
  10. Total number of camps - 97. Number of free consultations at these camps - 2,577.
    One of these camps included 100 free ECG"s
The less privileged are benefiting from our clinic, in keeping with our vision and our mission.

Pictures of medical camps held by the GAHFT clinic

Video Testimonials from patients

APRIL 1, 2017 THRU MARCH 31, 2018
Total RevenueRs. 2,891,118
Total ExpenditureRs. 2,674,320
Funds on Hand
   Fixed Deposit*Rs. 23,076,616
   Savings AccountRs. 222,691
Total funds on handRs. 23,299,307
*Includes Rs. 4,105,017 raised at Charity Ball 1 and Rs. 6,884,976 raised at Charity Ball 2 for a total of Rs. 10,989,993
Note: A more detailed spreadsheet of Revenues and Expenses is available upon request from:
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