Who we are

Goa-America Heart Foundation Inc. (GAHF Inc.) was formed by several Goan professionals living in the U.S.A. who, through their deep affection for their homeland, wanted to give back and make a positive difference by offering affordable cardiac care to the less fortunate in Goa, India. The organization then grew to include Goans living in Goa; this was established in the form of a not-for-profit charitable Trust known as Goa-America Heart Foundation Trust (GAHFT). The initiative to create a Cardiac Center in Goa is attributed mainly to Dr. Daniel Neville Mascarenhas, an interventional cardiologist practicing in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He is the catalyst behind this project.

Goa has inadequate cardiac treatment facilities. Research has demonstrated an enormous gap between demand and available services, especially for those with limited financial resources. The Trustees of GAHF realize that access to the best in cardiac treatment is something that most of us take for granted. Therefore, they appeal to the world community in general and Goans in particular to embrace this project; to provide financial, material, professional and moral support so that for many of our Goans born into the harshness of poverty, this clinic will surely be a blessing.

GAHF Inc. will remain the primary vehicle to raise funds and disburse them, as outlined in the mission statement. GAHFT, as explained in the mission statement will be involved directly in negotiation for, and acquisition of, property and equipment needed to provide the care, and in soliciting donations in India. It will supervise and monitor the operations of the cardiac clinic and its quality of care.

GAHF Inc. is a duly registered not-for-profit corporation in the State of New York in U.S.A. with approval from Internal Revenue Service for 501(c)3 tax exempt status. It has an operational charter and by-laws governing procedures and the business to be undertaken by the corporation. GAHF Inc. will serve as a conduit for the Goan overseas community to contribute to, and support, the advancement of the healthcare of the people of Goa.

GAHFT is a not-for-profit Charitable Trust registered in Goa. Donations to GAHFT from Indian bank accounts qualify for 50% tax deduction under 80G of the India Income Tax Act.

The office holders of GAHF Inc. and GAHFT do not receive any remuneration for their services. There are currently no administrative costs associated with the organization, as time, skills and facilities have been provided by its members and well-wishers on a no-cost basis.

The Board Members and Trustees of GAHF are very grateful to Anthony Mendes for his creative design of the logo for our organization. This unique design incorporates the first alphabet of both Goa and America to form the shape of a heart. What an outstanding symbol to represent the cardiac clinic as the logo represents caring, compassion and remarkably identifies the organization. We also want to thank Ashley Coutinho for using his talent in technology to create an attractive and user-friendly website. By incorporating the navigational aspects necessary for viewers to get around the site, Ashley has represented GAHF with great finesse. His IT skill is invaluable as he continues to maintain and upgrade the website as needed. We appreciate Tony and Ashley’s donations of creativity and technology to GAHF.

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