Goa-America Heart Foundation seeks to provide affordable cardiac care to Goans regardless of caste, creed or socio-economic status. It will place strong emphasis on prevention, diagnostics, cardiovascular interventions, and after care.


Create health awareness and implement educational programs to prevent and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Establish a state-of-the-art clinic in Goa, India.

We had successfully established a cardiac outpatient diagnostic clinic in JMJ Hospital located in Alto Porvorim, Bardez, Goa. The necessary funds were raised and the Clinic had been fully functional since mid-April 2009. Financial support will be required as we continue the process of phased expansion of services.

Towards this end, we instituted two separate but linked organizations. Goa-America Heart Foundation Inc. (GAHF Inc.), based in the USA, will be responsible for raising the funds that will finance the project. Goa-America Heart Foundation Trust (GAHFT), based in Goa, will be involved directly in negotiation for, and acquisition of, property and equipment needed to provide the care. It will supervise and monitor the operations of the cardiac clinic and future expansion of services. GAHFT will solicit donations in India, and be a depository of such donations, for the operation of the clinic and subsequent expansion.

Goa-America Heart Foundation will serve as a conduit for the Goan community overseas with moral obligation to contribute to, and support, the advancement of the health care of the people of Goa. It will also invite the financially wealthy individuals and businesses in Goa to participate in improving the collective cardiac health and welfare of its citizens.

Goa-America Heart Foundation will facilitate the development of education materials on cardiac health, and preventive care. It will arrange voluntary services of medical professionals in India and abroad, to assist at the cardiac clinic.

Goa-America Heart Foundation will strive to ensure that all services provided will be of the highest quality.

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